Can Yoga Help in Relieving Asthma?


Yoga, as a form of exercise, is great for the body as well as the mind and helps maintain a great posture. While general benefits of yoga are known to all, recent studies reveal that the asanas involved in yoga may also help relieve asthma symptoms!

Dr. Jin-Lang Tang from CUHK Prince of Wales Hospital studied the evidence from more than 1000 patients to see whether or not yoga provided significant benefits. The patients in these studies had practised yoga for anywhere between two weeks to four and half years, though it most cases, it was for more than six months. While more research will be required to make reliable conclusions, practicing Yoga improved their quality of life and reduced the need for medications.

"Giving yoga, specifically yogic breathing, a try can be worthwhile in asthma patients", said Dr. Cramer who was also involved in the research. Cramer believes that while posture-based yoga interventions and mere meditation might not be this effective, complex yoga forms that involve only breathing techniques might have a far better impact. 

Read more information about these studies at help-relieve- asthma-symptoms-cuhk-study- shows


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